1. Licenses for all members/employees.
  2. Licenses for all PC desktops.
  3. Synchronize multiple installations.
  4. Send secured data to remote locations.
  5. Multiple Use Pads (MUP) in CORA-X have a minimum size of 150 kB (1,200,000-bit encryption).
  6. Implement Enterprise level rules requiring users who sign out data form our intranet to have this data CORAfied.
  7. Enterprise level solutions may implement much larger MUPs for server to server communication (3-20 MB) while maintaining smaller MUPs for interfacing with local CORA-X installations.
  8. Built in connectivity to independent data centres. Connect all CORA-X installations within your organization to a central server for validation and 'Emergency Stop' functionality. Alternatively, you may connect departments or focus groups to separate servers.

CORA-X - Business: $79/user

Service Level Agreements begin at $1000/year.

Contact CORAcsi for more information