Who do you Trust?

  • are they capable?
  • are they professional?
  • are they honourable; might someone "borrow", "sell" or "pirate" your data?
  • how many 'employees' are you trusting by default?
  • can they be hacked?
  • have they been compromised?
  • do they report breaches?

Many businesses prefer to control their own data centres (servers) - they know where it is, and who is "responsible" for it.

The problem is: when hacked, their data is protected by "encryption".

Enter CORA

With CORA, "not knowing" is far better. Even if the corporate server is hacked, they cannot get the data, because they don't know where the rest of the CORA blocs are stored. It really is that simple (from a non-technical perspective - the math and technology is, slightly more interesting).

With CORA, you don't have to trust any 'one' company, network, authority, network or server!