CORA: secure and control your online footprint:

  • Imagine a global community where, the accidental or naive sharing of a picture today doesn’t have to color your future – forever!
  • Imagine a global community in which a message intended for a loved one, that is compromised, can’t be taunted or used for bullying!
  • Image a global community where your creative works, sent to a publisher, reporter or industry critic, can’t be used by unscrupulous individuals to pirate your creative content.

CORA is destined to produce more than ”just” data security (though that would be an important accomplishment in and of itself), but rather, "online security” to protect your data, messages, photographs, social media, creative works, intellectual property and much more.

As much as individuals should be concerned about these questions, businesses more so. Imagine a corporation telling the shareholders that we don't know where "the data is" and we don't know who is responsible for it.

This day is far closer than you think! was originally the home to CORA – the unbreakable data security provider. It is an acronym standing for a: "global online Context Ordered Replacement Algorithm”.

With CORA Cyber Security Inc. needed its own Corporate website, will be the future home of goCORA – a portable messaging app that will embody security and author based control over the information that users choose to share online.