CORA, a step beyond encryption that is 'unbreakable' and "Quantum Safe" today!

Waterloo Cyber Security & Defence Forum
Nov 2017

CORAcsi at the Waterloo Cyber Security & Defence Forum 2017

CORA Cyber Security Inc. (CORAcsi) at the Waterloo Cyber Security & Defence Forum.

Waterloo Cyber Security & Defence Forum
Nicole Verkindt

Nicole Verkindt on innovation

Nicole Verkindt speaks about the importance of Innovation. Innovation is at the heart of CORAcsi.

SAE World Congress
April 2017

CORAcsi in the Innovation Marketplace during the SAE World Congress 2017 at Cobo Centre in Detroit.

CORAcsi in the "Windsor Star" during autoMOBILI-D 2017


CORA empowers 'unbreakable' for:

  • real time communication.
  • static data (computers, servers, cloud based data, mobile devices, FOBs, ...)

  1. Avoid Plant Interruptions.
  2. Avoid the cost of copper with 'unbreakable wireless connectivity that is adaptive and scalable.
  3. Eliminate Ransomware.
  4. Mitigate risk and liability - provide autonomous and connected vehicles with unbreakable security.
  5. Prevent Public Relations nightmares - report breaches openly knowing that the hacker will never read the CORAfied data.

Cyber Security & Defence

Innovation often comes from the ground up, rather than from large corporations. Innovation and collaboration are essential to cyber security.

Waterloo Cyber Security & Defence Forum
This changes everything

Waterloo Cyber Security & Defence Forum 2017

Vulnerabilities are out of control. Quantum computers will break every form of encryption - except for CORA.

Roundtable on cross-border collaboration
March 30, 2017

A key representative from DENSO, Ricardo, Continental, Qualcomm, Cohda Wireless, and CORAcsi joined with Minister Bains, Deputy Minister Knubley, and the Canadian government's support staff, at the Center for Automotive Research (Ann Arbor, MI), in a Roundtable discussion on cross border collaboration for autonomous and connected vehicles.


The inaugural event of autoMOBILI-D was during the NAIAS-2017 Detroit International Auto Show.

CORA Cyber Security participates in the Canadian-Ontario Pavilion during autoMOBILI-D 2017.

CORA Cyber Security with Minister Bains and Minister Duguid at autoMOBILI-D NAIAS-2017