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The step beyond encryption; everyone deserves the very best for their data!


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(requires Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10)

Name: CORA-X
Publisher: CORA Cyber Security Inc.

The new CORA-X "virtual drive" - Coming soon!

  • This is a web-based installer.
  • All executables are secured with an authenticode certificate identifing CORA Cyber Security Inc. as the verified publisher.
  • "CORA updates" is included and will check for updates as new versions are released.
  • You may read more about installing CORA-X using this link: Getting Started

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150+ kB MUP
(that's more than 1 Million bit encryption)

Distribute CORA blocs onto different devices
(hard drive, USB flash drives, the Cloud, ...).

Dispersed Files - the ultimate in security: don't store the MUP(key) and system files on a single device.