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While business and individuals are apprehensive about storing their valuable data in the Cloud; not knowing where their data is actually residing, nor knowing if a hacker will breach a server, with CORA, the Cloud becomes much more secure than any local piece of hardware!

Not knowing where the data fragments reside becomes an advantage rather than a concern. A hacker would have to discover all the servers – all of the pieces, and then successfully hack into each server at the same time; which is substantially more difficult than hacking into a single server (if not impossible).

Imagine a hacker successfully breaching a particular server in Google's cloud, and at the same time successfully doing the same with Microsoft's network. Then breaching a particular organization's intranet, all before CORA shuts down the remaining files. This scenario is far more secure than a criminal who intends steal a cell phone or personal computer!

CORA explorer is available for standalone computers. If you desire a cloud based solution for a commercial or organization implementation, please complete and submit this Form.