Its altruistic

This information highway has grown into a global economy; we are instantly connected with others around the world.

Many of us remember life with modems, when a hacker's success meant they acquired copies of a professor's exam.

Today with so much of our lives instantly connected to the rest of the world, data security is paramount to peace of mind and safety, for individuals, families, corporations and institutions of all sizes.

Its growing

Just as the number of breaches have grown, so has our awareness of the problems involved with a connected, global village.

Spread the word. Jump in and join with those who believe in integrity and excellence.

Security is good!

Being profitable and reaping the rewards of your dreams, creativity and excellence - is good!

Principles and scruples - are great!

Employment is good!

Recognizing that education is essential is good.

A corporate culture that is morale and empowering for all - is vital to "responsible freedom" and "continued success".

What's next for CORA?

Let's start with what should be obvious for every product; CORA will continue to improve, evolve and embrace excellence. CORA will not become comfortable with yesterday's journey.

CORA was built with a vision to the future, including the next two generations of CORA.


  1. goCORA – the user-driven, user-controlled mobile app - a portable messaging app (mobile and standalone workstations) that will send text and images in a secure and user-controlled, CORA based environment.
    What does that mean?
    The modern adage that “what you share online will always be there” will no longer be true. The author will, thanks to CORA, have the ability to lock, or destroy, one or more of the CORA blocs effectively rendering the online data as “useless”.
  2. CloudCORA – the secure online storage service will offer a similar service to and except that it will be based upon CORA and offered through
    CORA backup will offer the convenience of a cloud based solution with the advanced security available through CORA. Using varying numbers of CORA blocs and second generation CORA methods, the Cloud will offer business, health care, government and financial institutions better security than their own data centers are capable of.
  3. CORA systems group (CORA sg) will contract out work to organization who wish to keep a tighter hold of their data while benefiting for CORA.
    Contracts will include licenses to CORA, which will be implemented in the clients’ data centers. Contracts will optionally include technical support by incident or term.
    Target industries include
    • Medical and Health Care
    • Finance and banking
    • Research and development
    • Creative content and intellectual rights
    • Travel
    • Telecommunication
    • Government
    • Social media
    • Social networking

Vertical Markets

The nature of CORA as a technology to empower "personal security and control” in a global marketplace, suggests a natural connection to vertical markets including, but not limited to:

  • Wearable technology
  • Smart home technology
  • Mobile devices
  • Wireless networking devices