CORA is Quantum-Safe TODAY

Quantum Computers will not break CORA!

What is needed to read the encrypted (CORAfied) data?

  • The Encryption package.
    • Multiple Use Pads (MUPs) are fast and reusable OTPs which have long been identified as 'perfect encryption'.
    • CORA's MUPs vary in size. Why give a hacker 'any' information including the length of the encryption key?
    • Unlike other forms of encryption in which each key is the same size, CORA is probabilistic and varies just about everything including the length of the MUP.
    • MUPs are more than 1 million bits long; nothing compares to CORA.
    • 1,000,000+ bit encyrption is 10 300,413 times stronger than 2048 bit encryption
    • The MUP is dispersed and only exists as a complete key 'in memory'.
  • The catalog.
    • Connects the CORA blocs with the readable data.
    • Centrally controlled.
    • CORAfied (encrypted).
  • The CORA blocs.
    • CORA is a distributed solution.
    • The number of CORA blocs varies.
    • Each CORA bloc is needed without exception and without corruption.
    • Each byte in each bloc must be exact; there cannot be any modification what so ever.
    • Ideally CORA blocs will be dispersed on 'different' devices and/or in the Cloud.
    • With CORA, the Cloud becomes are value added resource; a corporation (such as a bank) becomes more secure by saving 1 or 2 small, 2 kB CORA blocs to the Cloud, while keeping the rest in their data center.

make hacking irrelevant

What are the chances that a hacker will guess which 2, 3, 4... 40 CORA blocs go with one another?

Option 1 - we don't require that the CORA blocs be entered in the proper order. The total number of combinations to test between 2 and 40 CORA blocs is only (and that is with the MUP - which should never happen):

That's right, 1042 - unimaginable, and that's with only 200 CORA blocs.

Option 2 - we require the proper order - then the total # of permutations is 1.68 x 1090.

safe from Quantum Computers and makes hacking irrelevant