CORA is Quantum-Safe TODAY

CORA Cyber Security at the IT Symposium at Lambton College in Sarnia (21 Nov 2019)

Presenting Quantum Safe Encryption at the IT Symposium 2019

Members of our Panel on Cloud Computing at the IT Symposium 2019 address questions from the audience.

make the hack irrelevant

CORA Cyber Security with Minister Bains and Minister Duguid at autoMOBILI-D NAIAS-2017

secure your: applications, network, cloud... your everything...

The CORA API is available with Quantum Safe Cryptography - Today. Ideal for standalone applications, Enterprise level solutions, and The Cloud.

  • Self-healing - if a single bloc is compromised, delete any other bloc and the original data will never be read! Then generate a new set of blocs that are independent of the original blocs. Your data may be available minutes after a breach and the original blocs are useless.
  • Trust Independent - don't trust any single company, network, or cloud. Every bloc in a solution must be available without exception and without corruption. If a single byte in a single bloc has changed, then the data will not be decrypted.
  • Auto-sterilizing - if a single bloc is infected, meaning that at least 1 byte has changed, then the original file will never be decrypted and therefore will not be available to other applications or processes.